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Palm Beach, Florida
"Great Produce Cool Activities"
I just started going their for fresher and less manipulated produce. So far so good. The quality is good, The service is great! The first time I went Lany took time to show me around, explain the different labels tell me about the activities the have on the farm.
And yes they do have a number of cool activities that would be cool for kids such as different U-Pick options, rides, stone mining and even what looked like mechanical cow milking. There are some other vendors outside too. And while you're there make sure you grab some BBQ from Porky & Beth's right to grounds.

Don L
"Serious Fresh Produce "
The local markets could take a lesson from how this produce market runs its business.
We live 32 miles away but it's worth the time and gas to visit and shop for Freshly grown and picked garden vegetables.
The prices are fair but the product is excellent and the service is old time friendly.
Make a day of it and visit the Marshall Park at the same time. Enjoy!

Delray Beach, Florida
"Great place" Great for picking strawberries, tomatoes, and Peppers. They have hay rides. A petting zoo. and an amazing Farmers' market with all locally grown fruit and produce.

Virginia Beach, Virginia
"Great Place to Get Fresh Produce"
My sister just moved to that area so we decided to check out this fresh market. We were not disappointed. The corn was just picked so we bought a bunch. It was outstanding. The peppers are huge. We picked some strawberries....pretty close to the end of their season but we got enough. We also picked some tomatoes that were excellent. They have all kinds of fresh produce as well as breads and oher items. Unfortunately, I live in Virginia but I know this is my sister's new favorite place for produce.


Andrew V
It's literally down on the farm fun, guys!

I truly, truly, truly (sang like the Jem and the Holograms theme song) love this place. Where else in South Florida can you go into a field, read: large area, and pick your own fruits and vegetables!?! Nowhere people- nowhere.

Inside in the farmers market is just as amazing. The food is so fresh, well, because it comes directly from their farm! The staff is so nice and helpful; answering all of my questions. You leave with bags of groceries and spent little to nothing there.

The U-Pick is the highlight. Make sure someone with you has an ID because you have to leave it to go pick. They give you a bucket when you give your ID. Makes me wonder if a lot people say, "Screw my license, I want this free bucket and strawberries"... Anyway, when you're done you bring everything back, they weigh it, you pay and everyone is happy.

There are family-friendly activities there. You can have a birthday party there and buy a soft pretzel. I had you at soft pretzel, didn't I?

Honestly, it's really just a treat to do something so different here. This place is not your typical South Florida find. Grab your family or just go yourself and give it a shot. I know you'll love it too.

Jenna S
Bedner's is the kind of place that is a nice, unique find in an area that seems to be a vast wasteland of strip malls and chain stores. Full disclosure: we went here because our cousin's daughter works here and she's fantastic at her job, but Bedner's has a lot to offer and is worth a visit.

I'm actually super jealous that something like this doesn't exist in the Chicagoland area, but it would never last because we don't have warm enough weather. The coolest thing about Bedner's was it's U-Pick farm. They had berries, tomatoes, cucumbers.... like literally acres and acres of strawberries and tomatoes to pick at your conveience. Obviously, if you go late in the season or even late into a great pick day, you have to walk pretty far to find untouched plants, but they exist and it's a really fun way to spend an hour or so just walking around and experiencing picking your own food.

Bedner's also has stuff for the kiddies like a petting zoo on weekends, food stalls, pony rides... all kinds of stuff for people to do. The farm store is chock full of wine, craft beer, veggies and fruits, and artisan items to make any dinner delicious. Prices were reasonable and there's oversized pickles for you to just grab and go. YUM.

Definitely worth a trip here. Hot dogs and food of that nature were tasty, cheap, and the experience was fun.

Jamie K
"Ohh so THAT'S Bedner's" said husband and I while leaving on Sunday afternoon. I drive by this place twice a day and while always curious of the constant crowds never stopped in to check it out.

After some morning fishing at the Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee
National Wildlife Refuge - a review to come shortly, we decided to swing into Bedner's to see what the fuss was about.

First stop, the fresh market to check out the goods. There seemed to be a great variety of local produce, fruits and vegetables as well as spreads and other goodies with plenty of room in the aisles to shop. I say this because another local favorite, the Boys, while great, is often a challenge to shop at because of its small aisles. I couldn't help but notice the beautiful fresh flowers by the door, the sunflowers in particular were incredible. We made a stop at the boiled peanut area for an afternoon snack and it was outside to check out the rest. While there were some local vendors selling clothes, beautiful orchards and jewelry it seemed most of the outdoor activities were geared toward kids. There was a section toward the back with a petting zoo, pony rides and a couple games to play.

My husband absolutely loves BBQ so he was pumped to try the food truck set up in the back. He had pulled pork and chicken, baked beans and mac and cheese. This truck is pretty cool because it has a smoker along the side so you know all that meat is going to be tasty. According to my husband, it was some of the best, compared to a Tampa favorite that has previously been unmatched. He also commented on the macaroni and cheese, something normally simple, he said just had really good flavor. It was just a lemonade for me that day, nice and refreshing on a hot afternoon.

After lunch, we went and paid for a bucket and ventured out to do some strawberry picking. A first for us both I have to say it was very fun. Helpful hint, check out the unchartered spots toward the back that most people never get to; that's where we found the freshest strawberries.. It was so much fun to walk up and down the aisles and pick out the ones we wanted. They also have all kinds of produce out there to pick from tomatoes and peppers to name a few. After we got a bucket full we returned back to the farm to pay and I have to say there were quite a few others in line with picked tomatoes that were very red and ripe. Also, there was someone in line that had picked some sunflowers that were huge and gorgeous.

It was a very enjoyable way to spend the afternoon. We will definitely be back maybe in the fall to do some pumpkin picking! If you are ever looking for a low-key afternoon activity that doesn't cost much, Bedner's is definitely a place to check out. Support your local farmers!

Joy L
This review is for the Fall Festival - Pumpkin Patch at Bedner's Farm

When I was growing up I remember fondly going every year with my parents to a "pumpkin patch" to pick out the perfect would be Jack-o-latern. We would a period of time looking for a pumpkin, and take longer cutting the top off, cleaning out all the seeds and putting them onto a baking sheet... you know the story.

As soon as I had my baby, I decided that I needed to renew this tradition (yes, the minute he was born I was thinking about Fall Festivals...j/k). Last year I went to a pumpkin patch and I thought that it was fantastic, but that was before I took the drive to Boynton to check out Bedner's Farm.

How did I find this gem? I am almost embarrassed to admit, from the FB page Mammarama when I was bored at 2 am. One mom posted that she wanted to know where the best Fall Festival was to take her 3 year old, and several mammas replied that Bedner's was the place to go. I waited for my friend to check it out first, and the report was that the drive was completely worth it- Bedner's has a wide array of pumpkins in several sizes- and not just all bunched up together in a pile that you have to sort through, but in actual rows in a an actual patch where you get to go out and pick your own pumpkin. They have a whole system of people to assist with picking up the pumpkin, placing it in a wheel barrow, and delivering it to your car so that you don't have to worry about carrying it.

One reason why I really enjoyed this set up is because my one year old was able to run around the area freely. In some of the other pumpkin patches you have to wait in line in order to get close to the pumpkins and then take pictures quickly because there is a line of families behind you waiting to get their own pictures. No running around or playing at all, just all business- and where's the fun in that?

In addition to the pumpkins, there is a corn field maze, a hayride (more of a tour of the farm, but it was a great tour)- bounce houses, and a petting zoo.


Bring cash. There is an ATM- but if you want to save the ATM fee, bring cash for food and drinks

get there as early as you can. The place gets very packed and very hot as the day goes on.

If you have kids that can enjoy the rides, maze, and tour you should get the wrist band

Christopher M
We love this place family friendly . Family owned great produce ran by people who care and welcome you.

Staff is great and knowledgeable. We shop here every Sunday after church at Christ Fellowship. The prices for non-imported veggies and fruits are so much less to whole foods and far better quality than Publix.

Lots of activities for kids and great place to hang out and relax whilenkids play. Pick fresh strawberries.

Lori A
Has so much fun here with the family.
The place is so cool, it has all you need for a Sunday family fun!
Kids loved the Pony ride, Petting zoo and all kind of "Farm" games. And all for 13$ each, All you day pass for all activities.
The food was delicious, Great ribs and chicken, and for a fair price.
We went into the farmers market also, and it has lots of selection of fresh locally grown produce.
The Farm is well kept and was very clean and inviting for the kids.


Ivory Patterson
2 months ago

Theresa Wills
2 months ago
What a unique and fun place for kids. Race rubber duckies, lasso a bull head, corn hole, and pan for gold. There are a couple of climbing structures, hay rides, tiny petting farm, and of course the farm market.

Adriel Genao
11 months ago
my class took a field trip there. we picked strawberries and had fresh made ice cream. We learned a lot about natures past and the mini games are pretty cool. But i'm only in fourth grade so don't judge my opinion. we also road the TRAM which is actually a big tractor. i would love to go there every day. but careful, you do have to pay for those strawberries.

Brad Dash
6 months ago
My family and I had an a"mazing" time ... we enjoyed the pumpkin patch, corn maze, hay ride and all the tasty, tasty food. Definitely worth the trip out there.

Nydia Cedillo
a year ago
I visited the Location for the 1st time with my Family and I completely loved it they have an area where the kids can learn and play aswell and your able to go pick your own Strawberry & not only strawberries but you can also pick your own peppers and Tomatoes and the market has a variety of fruits and vegetables aswell that you can buy......The best part is after picking the strawberries .....they have a strawberry lemonade slushy that you can purchase and it was delicious....but over all it was an awesome experience and my Girls learned alot and enjoyed every minute of it and would definitely Recommend this spot and also the people there are very helpful. Will Definitely be back.

A Google User
3 years ago
I loved it! Till I knew where on the grounds they had the best berries, I admit the place looks a, little dry in areas. But the place I picked the berries, it was never-ending. They were bright, shiny, gorgeous shade of red, sweet and juicy. The best part was if you bring your own basket they take a dollar off per pound. It's so worth it. The staff is very friendly, the grounds are well kept. It's a great way to spend some quiet time on your own, or bring your family and have fun teaching them how to pick berries









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